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When organizing an event of there are many factors to take into account. Every organizer wants the meeting to go perfectly. Getting to the core of the attendees is not an easy task. But if it is achieved, the memory will be indelible.

Convention Cards introduce to you the ideas to get an event:

  • Checking the calendar

It is preferable that the event does not coincide with another one or with dates of general interest. There are certain circumstances that may cause not all expected attendees to attend the meeting.

  • Choose the appropriate venue

Knowing the number of people who will attend is key to take into account their comfort. If we choose an unsuitable space, we can transmit a bad management. If the venue is very large, it may feel like an event with little traffic. And if it is a very small space, it could be overwhelming.

  • About the guests

Identify your attendees from minute one. Know who each one is, their profile and their interests. Only then will you be able to create an event of 10 according to what they need and expect.

  • Food and drink

Don’t limit yourself to just one budget. Get information from different suppliers. Also take into account current catering trends and attendee preferences. A traditional menu is no longer enough. It opens the doors to another type of gastronomy.

  • Teamwork

Surround yourself with the best professionals and a multidisciplinary team. In this way, you will get support in all areas.

  • Plan an organization chart

Establish a strategy and assign different roles. It is essential to record who does what and when. Before, during and after the event every member of the team has to have their tasks assigned to them.

  • Selection of speakers

Something fundamental is the choice of the speakers for your event. Think about those who may be of interest to the attendees and give visibility to the convention. Check availability in advance and close the agenda as soon as possible to avoid surprises.

  • Seek sponsorship

Create a list of possible companies interested in participating in the event and contact them to reach sponsorship agreements. This will help to get an extra injection of budget in exchange for giving visibility.

  • Ticket management

Choose a price that suits the event and then inform where and when they will be put on sale.

Once the idea has been developed and the project has been set in motion, it is time to think about other relevant aspects. In this sense, the creation of a web page can be ideal to publish information about the event. As the date approaches, and with the contents of the event already more worked, we can think of other solutions such as apps for events.

Offer a mobile application to your attendees to provide updated information at all times. It facilitates networking, interaction and encourages participation with votes, forums and questions to the speaker.

You should also make sure that the venue has WI-FI and that everything that is going to be used works correctly. Don’t forget to do tests and checks.

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