What is sales convention?

Have you ever wondered how the big retail companies, which have several units around the country, in several different cities and states, can do the same kind of work with the sales teams? How do salespeople manage to work with the same discourse? The answer lies in the sales convention.

And for those who already work in the area, it is easy to realize that this is the perfect kind of event to get everyone together and make the necessary alignments that help to maintain the ideal structure of the sales work.

But this is just one of the summary points that show the importance of this event. Do you want to know more about it? So check now what really is a sales convention and how to realize this kind of event.

What is a sales convention?

Sales convention is a model event where companies gather all the representatives of the various units they have to disseminate results and set new goals.

For this, the company chooses a space for events to receive all the professionals of the sales area and it bankrolls all the travel and accommodation part. It is very worthwhile because it is difficult to transmit all this information.

The idea is to really understand what has been achieved over the period and what can be applied to improve these results. There is no better time to work on the behavior of the entire team and the most important objectives and goals that everyone should focus on. But warning about strategy changes is just one of the points that the event’s organization must work on during the day.

It is important to use the moment to value the most outstanding employees and pass on content that can support the company’s strategies, generating a high level of knowledge with motivational lectures and chats.

Steps to make great sales conventions

  • Create a schedule for the sales convention

Before starting the event, it is important to formalize the idea of the realization in a schedule document, where you can see all the dates scheduled to perform each important activity for the event.

In this schedule, it is important to follow a series of basic steps as:

  • Find the place in advance;
  • Plan your actions for the event;
  • Find the suppliers that can meet all the strategies thought out;
  • Plan your activities and content that will be reviewed during the event;
  • Raise all expenses according to the available budget.

Regarding the time period of the event, it usually happens in 1 or a maximum of 2 days. Above that, the cost becomes very high for the company, and the level of concentration to assimilate all the information also decreases a lot on the part of the participants.

When we talk about the realization interval, it is usually of 1 year or 6 months. This is the ideal time either to realize a precise analysis of the adopted strategies and to think on new actions that can improve the numbers.

Define the activities for the sales convention

With the schedule and planning already in advance, it is time to start thinking about the details of each activity performed during the event. It is important for everyone to focus on the atmosphere generated during the event. That’s why bringing a reference name in the sales area to a lecture can help a lot to create this positive environment.

Remember to create a program aimed at attracting everyone’s attention, but that adds value to the actions that are carried out on a daily basis.

Use tools to help everyone engage with the event

There is no point in taking all employees from the company’s various units to the event location without their engagement with the event. To some people, this event may seem like a vacation trip, and putting an end to this kind of idea is fundamental to the success of the event.

In addition to engagement, at all times participants will need to check information about the event. That’s why it’s important to use a tool that helps the organization pass on important new information quickly and easily.

Application for events, which can comply with points such as:

  • Centralize information: to leave the roles aside, the app can concentrate all the relevant information that participants need to know about the event;
  • Promote engagement: it’s much easier to interact with the event using the app, as the smartphone is an essential item for anyone during an event. With it, attendees can stay focused on the related actions that are happening at the moment;
  • Conduct surveys: With this tool, you can measure the level of interactivity of participants through surveys, which may involve something related to the content of the event or some information from the company itself;
  • Agenda: with the application, it is much easier to have all the agenda information, with the schedule of activities that will happen soon after;
  • Evaluation of the event and the speakers: in the application itself, the public can access each activity performed in the event, such as the lectures, and leave their evaluation. This action helps a lot in the organization of the next sales conventions.

Focus on closure

In order for all attendees to leave a sales convention with new goals and teachings in mind, it is essential to develop differentiated strategies for the closing of the event.

Thinking about the investments that were made to get the event done, it is important that this step is very well executed. Without this careful work in generating a great closing for the event, the following results may not reach the expected level during the planning of the event.

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