Popcorn Ceiling Removal Project

Snacks ceilings were pretty prominent back between the 1950s and the 1980s. They were inexpensive, and also they were rather easy to install. It was basically the standard in houses back then, specifically in corridors and bedrooms.

Not only were they affordable as well as quickly mounted, snacks ceilings were additionally opted for because they conveniently concealed flaws. There was no need to ravel any imperfections in the ceiling because the sprayed-on material essentially covered it. Popcorn ceilings also have acoustical attributes and have the ability to keep audio from traveling, which is why they were pretty prominent in bed rooms.

But snacks ceilings are no longer favored by property owners as well as customers. As a matter of fact, snacks ceilings are now taken into consideration unappealing, which is a big reason many property owners have been continuously removing them from their residences since the 1980s. And also the fact that asbestos is often found in this material makes the removal of popcorn ceilings even more crucial.

If you’re like many other homeowners around that still have popcorn ceilings in your house, you’ve most likely chosen that it’s time for them to go. If so, it’s vital that you bring in specialists in the world of popcorn ceiling elimination to have this product gotten rid of for a much smoother, extra aesthetically enticing finish.

To make this job much more effective, there are some points you can do as a house owner to prepare your house for snacks ceiling elimination.

Seal Off the Floors

Allow’s face it. Snacks ceiling elimination is extremely messy. All that product that is being removed turns into tiny dirt bits that can get everywhere, including your ducts.

Prior to the snacks ceilings are removed, the floors have to be entirely covered from wall to wall. To do that, you will certainly need thick plastic sheets that are after that mosting likely to be taped down at every wall surface so the floors are entirely covered. After that, you will utilize professional paper to include another layer on top of the thick plastic to ensure that there’s no chance of slipping while working in the area.

The paper is likewise put because it will certainly soak up any type of dampness that can gather in the location. In order to get rid of popcorn ceiling product making use of the scuffing technique, water will certainly require to be splashed in addition to the product to soften it. Doing so will make it a great deal simpler to scrape the material off. Yet spraying water on the ceiling likewise suggests that water will eventually fall onto the flooring. By having paper laid on top of the plastic sheet, the water will certainly be successfully absorbed.

Shut off Doorways

In order to protect against the snacks ceiling material from making its way into the corridor as well as various other parts of your house, you may wish to block any doorways that lead outside of the space. This will certainly assist to make the cleaning work much easier once the material has actually been removed from your ceiling.

Cover Your Furnishings

If you intend to leave the furnishings in the rooms where the popcorn ceilings are being eliminated, you will most definitely want to secure them from all those dirt bits.

Thus, it is very important that you cover every furnishings piece. Obtain some clear plastic sheets and cover each item totally, including the back. As soon as you do, push each piece versus the wall surface.

You’re after that going to take an additional sheet and also cover them in a second layer, yet this following one is mosting likely to cover the furnishings just in the front. The top of the plastic sheet will certainly be taped to the wall surface just over the furniture in order to prevent any snacks ceiling material from falling back the furniture as it is being removed.

Ensure that both sheets of plastic completely cover the furnishings and go right to the bottom. By covering your furnishings by doing this, any type of snacks ceiling material will certainly just slide right off each item as well as onto the flooring, consisting of the product and safeguarding your furnishings at the same time.

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